Artist Management and Consulting

Artist management not only requires a great deal of industry knowledge and experience, but a deep understanding of the artist, the goals, aspirations, a genuine desire to help them succeed and a strong belief in their talent.

Trend Music Artist Management provides this above mentioned solid framework and connections in the industry for artists to hone their craft.

We choose our artists very carefully and only work with a select few so as to maximize our time and focus with each.


"What we are doing here at Trend..."
  • Assisting in establishing the artist/band as an appropriate legal business entity
  • Assisting and enabling the establishment of the artist/band as a brand
  • Assisting with business management, accounting, budgets and finances for the artist/band
  • Planning and scheduling of the artist/band's music and entertainment creative and business activities (long and short term)
  • Assisting in the selection and hiring of artist/band's key personnel (booking agents, publicists, band members, tour managers, production staff, etc.)
  • Pitching and shopping the artist/band for appropriate record label deals
  • Pitching and shopping the artist/band to the appropriate booking and talent agents
  • Assisting in booking, tour planning and support for artist/band
  • Advise and counsel on all aspects of the artist/band's music and entertainment career (business, marketing, imaging, music, creative direction, etc.)
  • Enabling and assisting, in all aspects of the artist/band's career, to provide the artist/band with the most from every and all opportunities

Artist Roster (Current):

Original Artists:

The AK Project (m, p, c, rw, e, r)

The AK Project is a progressive, psychedelic rock band that explores various musical influences which come together in a unique blend of styles and genres. Rather than being locked into only one form of music but given that this is progressive band, The AK Project sets out to combine all these elements into one form.


Ellie Goldney (YouTube) (m, c, r, e, p)

Original singer/song writer who has a passion for life and relates her songs directly to the soul. Her brilliant lyrical approach and guitar sound make her a unique act. (YouTube)

Tribute Artists:

Comfortably Numb - Canada's Pink Floyd Show (m, p, c, rw, e, r)

Performing the music of Pink Floyd ('69-'83), this is a show that many consider the finest tribute act in North America. The band's success is a testament to the continuing interest in the music and legacy of Pink Floyd, and Comfortably Numb's authentic re-creation of the 70's Pink Floyd experience.

A Farewell To Kings - A 70's Tribute to RUSH

Performing Hemisheres, A Farewell To Kings and 2112 (website coming soon)

Previous Artists:

Brea Lawrenson (c)
Colider (c)
Terry Quesnelle (m, p, c, rw, e, r)
Tammy Raybould (rw)
Dale Waterman (rw)
No Big Loss (m, c)
Plush (m, c, r, e, p)
Blues Explosion (m, p, c, rw, e, r)
Visions In The Sky (m, p, c, rw, e, r)
...and many more


managed (m), consulted (c), recorded with (rw), produced (p), engineered (e), recorded (r)

Serving Artists in the Entertainment Business for over 20 years